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Decisions for the Long Haul

When we talk about sustainability at Enterprise Holdings, we're really talking about the commitment to manage our business for the long term.

This deep sense of stewardship plays out day-to-day in how we continuously strive to balance the interests of customers, employees and the communities we serve. 

We succeed when our communities thrive. And together, we’re accomplishing more to build a better future. That’s why we’re constantly exploring ways to create opportunities for everyone we work with, including efforts through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  

How exactly are we committing to create a positive and sustainable impact where we do business? Here are some examples:

We’re advancing fuel-efficiency across our organization, including: 

  • Providing access to a variety of fuel-efficient vehicles. The Enterprise fleet global average is 27.1 miles per gallon. 
  • Partnering with auto manufacturers to expand our fleet of electric vehicles (EV) across our many corporate-owned markets. 
  • Engaging with policy makers globally to help showcase zero-emission vehicles in a way which meets consumer needs and complies with legislation. 

We’re building relationships to develop solutions for global challenges, including advancing clean bioenergy technology at the Enterprise Institute for Renewable Fuels alongside the Danforth Plant Science Center. 

Across our lines of business, we recycle, repurpose and reduce materials wherever feasible. Our thorough vehicle maintenance program also helps lower costs, divert waste from landfills, and reduce reliance on non-recycled materials. 

Our waste-reduction efforts are expansive across our operations.

  • Water: We find creative and sustainable water conservation solutions that work best in local communities.  
  • Oil: Through efforts with our oil suppliers, specifically Safety Kleen and Petro Choice, we’ve recycled more than 12 million gallons of engine oil since 2009 and used oil filters from North America airport service centers. 

We give customers the option to purchase carbon offsets that work to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through our partnerships with TerraPass and Climate Impact Partners.  

We live in and care about the communities we serve. That’s why we invest in causes like education and food security. When we support diverse, healthy neighborhoods, we uplift current and future generations. 

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