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Customer Experience

Committed to Our Customers

We’ve earned our reputation and our business by putting people first–and we’re even more excited about what’s on the horizon. Our ongoing commitment to building better experiences is enabling us to pursue new possibilities for our customers, employees and the communities we serve.

Enterprise Holdings will always evolve by acting on our founding values. We prioritize the quality of our relationships, which is how we’ve grown from a local rental car company into the total mobility solutions provider we are today.

New technologies may enable faster, more seamless transactions, but it’s the human touch that creates meaningful customer experiences.

David Nestor, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer - Enterprise Holdings

Driven By You


Our future takes shape with every customer input and conversation. In fact, we've collected millions over the years. We’re constantly incorporating consumer needs and feedback to enhance our mobility solutions.


No one enjoys bumps in the road. At Enterprise Holdings, we’re finding new ways to ensure that any mobility experience runs as smoothly as possible. By combining modern technology, developing new tools and streamlining our processes, we’re optimizing our customer experiences from the inside out.

Customer Experience

Explore some of the many ways we’re working to design, deliver and enhance mobility for everyone. 

Loyalty has always been at the center of who we are and how we work, but it’s also a way we support and empower our customers. Our loyalty programs are about doing right by our customers. That includes everything from ensuring they can make the most of the perks we offer, while also providing meaningful opportunities to help shape our operations into the future. We actively listen to what customers want and need—and that honest feedback is the heart of the relationships we’re working to build with our loyalty programs.

Technology unlocks new possibilities, but nothing replaces the human touch. We’re constantly working to enhance customer interactions by building better, more intuitive digital experiences that put people first. Our approach means greater flexibility and convenience for everyone—especially our customers. And because digital capabilities are only part of building a better customer experience, we always have people here ready to meet whatever need you have.  

Thanks to honest conversations and new technologies, we’re always striving to reach the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We’re constantly reviewing customer surveys each month to identify opportunities to enhance their experiences. From there, we’re also leveraging our proprietary Service Quality Index (SQI) to gain deeper insights to help improve our customer satisfaction. In addition, daily conversations between our employees and the people we serve provide insights that enable us to enhance our service in meaningful and impactful ways. That means better service, better experiences and better mobility with every customer interaction.

We’re continuously enhancing all of our customer experiences to keep everyone moving ahead. This includes work to remove friction around the most critical steps in the journey, delivering customers enhanced control, personalization and transparency. An example of this work underway is Enterprise ReadyPass, an expedited arrival experience available on the Enterprise mobile app. The ReadyPass experience includes an advanced check-in process, a counter bypass offering and a “scan and go” car selection process. The pilot is aimed at saving customers time, maximizing convenience and provides the start for an end-to-end digital approach to the rental journey. These technologies help our employees focus on what matters—getting customers where they need to go quickly and seemlessly.

Safety is the heart of caring for our customers. That’s why we adhere to the highest internal and external vehicle maintenance safety standards. We’re also vigilant in monitoring manufacturer recalls. Combined with other measures, we’re constantly working to support the well-being of every customer now and into the future.

We’re dedicated to maintaining the highest cleanliness standards. While this has always been core to our business, we formalized this pledge in 2020 with heightened protocols for all of our vehicles and branch locations. In addition to robust cleaning standards for each branch and vehicle, we partnered with Clorox to provide customers with their own disinfecting wipes for that added peace of mind.

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