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Enterprise offers carsharing services through two premier brands – Enterprise CarShare (U.S. and Canada) and Enterprise Car Club (U.K.). And, since both brands are backed by Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s award-winning customer service, they not only provide local mobility alternatives, but also extraordinary convenience and reliability.

Enterprise Car Club is the UK's most expansive car club with vehicles in 170 towns, cities and communities, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Brighton, Bristol, Liverpool, Cambridge and Edinburgh. Enterprise acquired City Car Club in 2015.

In the U.S., Enterprise CarShare offers customized programs to businesses and government agencies. These programs offer an alternative to mileage reimbursement and motor pool fleets by utilizing specialized hardware and software systems. In addition, these programs can lead to as much as a 35% reduction in costs and fleet size for partners. 

In Canada, the Enterprise CarShare brand operates in Toronto (acquired AutoShare in 2014), as well as the Mississauga area. In 2015, Enterprise CarShare became a member of the CarSharing Association, a global industry trade group committed to advancing cooperation between urban mobility providers, cities and public transit.

In total, Enterprise CarShare and Enterprise Car Club members exceed 140,000 worldwide.

Virtual Fleet

Enterprise CarShare and Enterprise Car Club offer a diverse “virtual” fleet of fuel-efficient vehicles, delivering carsharing technology’s speed and economy to organizations looking to enhance fleet management operations along with their fiscal and social sustainability initiatives. In fact, Enterprise first trademarked the term Virtual Car® in the United States more than 40 years ago. Later, Enterprise launched hourly car rentals in 2005 and then local carsharing in 2007 in the U.S. as a natural extension of its business rental program and longtime focus on customized service in local communities. 

Because it doesn’t matter whether a rental is for an hour, a day, a week or longer, Enterprise has a long history of advocating for car-rental and car-sharing customers. For example, in 2010, Enterprise testified before the U.S. House of Representatives’ Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law – alongside the National Consumers League – about the unintended consequences of using local car rental excise taxes to fund unrelated programs and projects.

In fact, that same day, a Queens, N.Y., Supreme Court Justice ruled in favor of a for-profit car-sharing company and agreed that although the defendant may advertise itself as an alternative to "traditional rental cars,” it was nonetheless in the trade or business of renting or leasing motor vehicles as those words are traditionally and plainly understood.  The Court also stated, “this bargain – use of a car in exchange for a fee – appears little different from ['traditional'] companies.”

To that end, Enterprise’s car-sharing and car-rental customers have always been taxed at the same rate, since we accept all of the challenges, responsibilities and obligations that go along with operating a successful and sustainable fleet.

Rent Me By The Hour ®

Today, Enterprise CarShare and Enterprise Car Club offer a variety of clean, well-maintained vehicles at an affordable price, when and where customers need them. As a sustainable mobility option and cost-effective alternative to car ownership, Enterprise CarShare and Enterprise Car Club also play an important role in helping towns and cities shape their future transportation needs.

Both Enterprise CarShare and Enterprise Car Club also offer unmatched dependability and flexibility in select markets – yet another reason Enterprise encourages businesses, government agencies and consumers to Rent Me By The Hour ®.

Enterprise Car Club, the UK’s largest privately owned car club, provides a pragmatic strategy for increasing business travel efficiencies while decreasing mileage reimbursement for employee-owned-and-operated “grey fleets.” In addition, Enterprise Car Club’s app adds another level of service and convenience for members, providing all the benefits of accessing a vehicle, 24/7, whenever they need it. 

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