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“What Silicon Valley Sees in Enterprise Rent-A-Car: ….Enterprise, a 60-year-old company that owns and rents more cars in the U.S. than anyone else, is gaining newfound attention in Silicon Valley and Detroit, judging by conversations with tech executives lately. The reason is simple. Enterprise is one of the few companies that can manage large fleets of cars at scale. That’s a skill likely to be in demand as more companies launch ridesharing services using self-driving cars.” – January 2017

Enterprise Holdings always looks for strategic partnerships with public-policy leaders and key organizations who share our interest in advancing sustainable mobility and in broadening discussions about the automotive value chain.

For instance, Enterprise Holdings partners with the Corporate Eco Forum, the Department of Energy’s Clean Cities initiative, the National League of Cities' Sustainable Cities Institute and the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) – as well as travel organizations like the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) and World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) – to help incorporate sustainability goals into comprehensive, long-term local transportation planning.  


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  • Enterprise announced its intent to acquire San Francisco-based Deem – an innovative managed-travel technology platform that includes Deem Work Fource and Deem Ground Work, a suite of online booking and travel technology products for business travelers, travel managers, travel-management companies and suppliers.
  • To showcase its commitment to providing frequent travelers with the innovative tech they crave, National Car Rental partnered with Andru Edwards, founder and chief executive officer of Gear Live and host of Geekwire, to broadcast live from the CES 2019 (Consumer Electronics Show) to discuss the future of business travel technology.
  • The ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers) Journal published another Enterprise article: "Public Transportation, Private Enterprise." In addition, at the 2019 annual meeting for the ITE’s Midwestern District and Missouri Valley Section, Enterprise delivered a keynote speech on how existing transportation networks, supported by the power of industry collaboration, will drive the future of Mobility as a Service (MaaS). Enterprise also sponsored a summer ITE Student Leadership Summit in St. Louis.
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Ireland partnered with Dublin City Council to launch a Mobility Hub providing a shared electric car and e-bike service for council employees in an effort to reduce congestion, free up parking spaces and encourage healthier ways to commute.
  • Infrastructure services company FM Conway partnered with Enterprise Flex-E-Rent to introduce two electric vans into its London-based fleets, which will support FM Conway’s highway term maintenance contracts with the councils.
  • Enterprise submitted a brief and provided testimony to the Canadian Standing Senate Committee on Transport and Communications. In addition, the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance developed, in partnership with Enterprise, a video outlining the importance of open access to autonomous vehicle data.
  • The ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers) Journal published an Enterprise article: "The Value of Vanpooling as a Strategic, Cost-effective and Sustainable Transportation Option." 
  • Group Nine’s science-and-innovation brand, Seeker, and Discovery’s Science Channel has partnered with Enterprise on a new “Move Forward” campaign that explores how innovators are using transportation technology to improve modern cities.
  • Enterprise became a fleet management partner with Voyage, a company that aims to develop autonomous automotive options for communities across North America.
  • The KCnext news hub highlighted the benefits of vanpooling services like Enterprise Rideshare, since they not only complement Kansas City’s efforts to provide commuter resources for both individuals and employers, but also support plans to double the number of jobs accessible by transit.
  • At the annual Global Business Travel Association convention, National Car Rental announced a new partnership with leading mobile and cloud software technology provider, Deem. Now business travelers in China will be able to book reservations in hundreds of locations through the Deem Work Fource application – or other travel-management platforms like GetThere, Egencia, Sabre Red App and Apollo – and then have their ground transportation requests automatically fulfilled by the National Car Rental brand’s new service, “National Car and Driver” service.
  • Enterprise Holdings announced its growing portfolio of partnerships with innovative companies and investments in a wide variety of mobility and technology services.
  • Enterprise Holdings invested in Deliv as part of its recent $40 million Series C funding round. Deliv is a leader in same-day delivery that powers many of the nation's top retailers across 35 markets and 1,400 cities. 
  • Enterprise participated in an Urban Land Institute of St. Louis panel discussion about “The Future of Land Use in a Region of Driverless Cars,” which addressed both benefits and concerns associated with automated vehicle technologies.
  • Enterprise Holdings submitted comments on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) Federal Automated Vehicles Policy.
  • Enterprise LaunchPad® mobile tablets are introduced to move employees away from the counter, streamline the administrative process and provide real-time access to vehicle locations. Learn more about LaunchPad technology in this business case study.
  • At the Women’s Industry Network (WIN) Educational Conference, Enterprise emphasized how both car rental and collision repair are undergoing a dramatic change – notably through urbanization and technology, including the rise of autonomous vehicles.
  • At the Sustainability Speaker Series at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Enterprise Holdings shared how it is implementing corporate sustainability into the Enterprise Rent-A-Car brand and throughout its fleet.
  • At the International Car Rental Show, Enterprise Holdings participated in a panel discussion, “The Convergence of Car Sharing and Car Rental,” which highlighted the industry’s important role in the evolution of urban mobility.
  • Enterprise participated in a panel discussion during the Disrupting Mobility Summit, stressing how consumer needs are changing and the importance of enhancing access to transportation options in local communities.
  • As part of a $100 million investment in IT solutions, Enterprise Holdings affiliate Enterprise Fleet Management partnered with Microsoft to deploy Microsoft Surface Pro devices to its entire North American sales team. The following year, Enterprise Fleet Management was recognized on the InformationWeek “Elite 100” list for setting the bar on innovative and creative IT programs that improve business operations.
  • At the 2014 Car Rental Show, Enterprise Holdings’ Chief Marketing Officer provided the annual conference’s keynote address, noting that the industry was experiencing major change:Technology – from the Internet, to social media, to mobile platforms – has truly put the consumer in control….there is a solid consensus that cars provide an unmatched level of convenience and freedom, allowing people to be in total control of the time, destination and environment – and that is where opportunity exists. We’re not just renting cars … we are providing mobility, and mobility keeps the world moving.”
  • Enterprise Holdings participated in a SXSW Eco panel discussion on the role that public and private transportation providers play in meeting demands for sustainable mobility in urban markets. This conversation – which included Susan Shaheen, a researcher from the University of California-Berkeley Transportation Sustainability Research Center, plus a peer-to-peer carsharing advocate and a well-known automotive reporter – focused on how to best provide access to more local, sustainable transportation options.
  • The Danforth Plant Science Center hosted a panel discussion featuring General Motors and Enterprise Holdings that focused on the future of the passenger vehicle – from biofuel research to public policy issues.
  • Enterprise Holdings spoke at the Corporate Eco Forum Annual Meeting, stressing that when it comes to the future viability of the passenger vehicle and its ability to meet the public’s local mobility needs, consumers and the marketplace will determine success or failure.
  • The National Summit on Energy Security, which brought together CEOs, military leaders and policymakers to address the intensifying threats posed by our nation’s dependence on petroleum.