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“We continue to thrive, year after year, because we know nothing is more important than taking exceptional care of customers every single day, across all brands and all business lines. This kind of success in the highly competitive mobility sector is a direct reflection of our corporate culture and deep-rooted spirit of service and innovation.” 

Chrissy Taylor, President and Chief Executive Officer – Enterprise Holdings

In thousands of communities of all sizes, Enterprise Holdings' highly accessible network provides hourly, daily and weekly car rentals as cost-effective and consumer-friendly modes of local transportation.

As a result, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental and Alamo Rent A Car customers are logging billions of miles throughout the world every year. And many of those miles are driven locally in their very own communities and mostly in late-model, fuel-efficient vehicles – making local car rental one of the most effective and sustainable mobility options today.

In fact, thousands of Enterprise customers rent vehicles regularly, although they rely on mass transit during the week in large urban markets, or simply cannot afford to purchase or maintain a vehicle on their own. Many consumers, businesses and government agencies in the United States, Canada and the UK also rely on their local Enterprise network to deliver carsharing technology’s speed and flexibility when it makes sense.

In addition, Commute with Enterprise vanpooling programs address local as well as national needs by reducing traffic congestion, parking requirements and carbon emissions, while providing commuters with a smarter, better way to get to work. Commute with Enterprise also helps control annual transportation expenses by using volunteer drivers, which is much more cost-efficient than hiring paid drivers (such as ride-hailing companies).


Autonomous Technology

“Like Enterprise, Voyage understands that world-class fleet management is fundamental to the long-term success of autonomous fleets. Our partnership ensures that the Voyage team is able to focus on what they do best — developing autonomous technology and providing transportation services to community residents — without having to worry about acquiring and maintaining those vehicles.” 

Brice Adamson, Executive Vice President – Enterprise Fleet Management, June 2018    

Enterprise Holdings' fleet is well-positioned to quickly and efficiently introduce millions of consumers to new fuel and vehicle technology, especially as transportation infrastructure and alternatives, including autonomous vehicles, evolve in the future. As a result, in late 2016, Enterprise Holdings submitted comments on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) Federal Automated Vehicles Policy. Among other things, Enterprise Holdings urged NHTSA to recognize the rental industry and fleet management operators as key stakeholders in the development of state and federal policies.

In 2018, Voyage – with a mission to serve communities with autonomous vehicles– also announced a first-of-its kind partnership with Enterprise Fleet Management. Voyage’s introduction of its second generation (G2) vehicle features its own autonomous driving technology as well as new best-in-class sensor technology.

Industry Leadership

Enterprise Holdings and its affiliate, Enterprise Fleet Management, always look for new technological advancements in an ongoing effort to improve the overall customer experience.

For example, Enterprise Fleet Management has the tools to help customers improve productivity, reduce total cost of ownership, and stay up-to-date on industry trends and the latest fleet and vehicle technologies. As a result, the company was recognized as part of the InformationWeek “Elite 100” for setting the bar on innovative and creative information technology (IT) programs that improve business operations.

For car rental, Enterprise LaunchPad mobile tablets are transforming transactions into customer interactions not only by streamlining and digitizing key steps in the administrative process, but also by providing real-time access to vehicle locations in our fleet.

These mobile tablets are specifically designed to move employees away from the counter, freeing them up to conduct the rental process wherever customers need us – in locations ranging from a traditional car rental parking lot to a local dealership, or sometimes to another site altogether. Moreover, it is a situational awareness tool that addresses society’s growing demands for more seamless and accessible transportation options, and also represents the next evolution in Enterprise’s customer service legacy.

In addition, when natural disasters strike, Enterprise employees may be sent home with mobile tablets, which allows them to be quickly reassigned from their damaged branch offices to other locations. This state-of-the-art mobile technology also makes it easier to manage local demand when customer calls come into damaged branch offices and are forwarded to other operational sites.

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