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ACRA Press Release: Sponsors of peer-to-peer car legislation seek compromise to ensure consumer safety and fairness

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (Nov. 29, 2018) – Following months of delay, Rep. Art Turner, Sen. Antonio Muñoz and the American Car Rental Association are encouraged to learn opponents of SB2641 are ready to come to the table to reach an agreement to extend safety and tax regulations to the entire Illinois car rental industry.

"As demonstrated by our willingness to make accommodations requested by the state, city, General Motors and the insurance industry, we have long been ready to work with stakeholders on all sides of this issue to find a compromise," said Turner, D-Chicago. "I am glad opponents are now ready to do the same, with the goal of keeping our roads safe and making sure taxpayers get a fair shake. As a sign of good faith, I will not pursue an override of the governor's veto in the hope we can reach an agreement that can be voted on in January."

A coalition of bipartisan lawmakers including Rep. Grant Wehrli, R-Naperville, and Sen. Sue Rezin, R-Morris, as well as car rental operators, consumer advocates and the Illinois Municipal League have called on the General Assembly to put in place common sense regulations for peer-to-peer car rental platforms, which operate largely unchecked in Illinois.

Because current law is unclear, peer-to-peer car rental platforms take the position that certain requirements – such as addressing recall notices – don't apply to them, putting renters and the public at risk. Peer-to-peer companies also avoid collecting the same taxes as other car rental companies, even though vehicles on their platforms contribute to wear and tear on publicly-funded roads and add to congestion at taxpayer-supported airports.

"We welcome peer-to-per car rental platforms to join us to ensure greater consistency, fairness and safety on behalf of the entire industry," said Greg Scott, government relations representative for the American Car Rental Association. 

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