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Included below is a list of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our business.

I would like to reach a customer service representative — whom do I contact?
Do you sell your cars?

Yes. If interested in buying a vehicle, you can search used cars for sale nationwide from Enterprise Car Sales.

How do I find out how to apply for a donation from your company?

Please see our Enterprise Holdings Foundation guidelines.

I received a check and a letter explaining that the check is from Enterprise Holdings. What should I do?

The check is fake and did not come from Enterprise Holdings or its Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental or Alamo Rent A Car brands. We do not make Internet-related purchases from consumers, initiate work-at-home employment by advancing funds, participate in or sponsor lotteries, facilitate the transfer of inheritance proceeds, or make unsolicited donations to charitable organizations. And while we do occasionally sponsor sweepstakes, the winners of those drawings receive checks only after they have completed and returned an acceptance form. Furthermore, we never ask anyone to wire money for an overpayment or to cover any fees and/or taxes.

We report matters such as these to appropriate law enforcement authorities. However, if you have received a counterfeit check or been a victim of one of these scams, you should contact federal or local authorities and the Internet Crime Complaint Center ( to file a complaint.


Do you rent recalled vehicles?

Our customers can rest assured that we have the operating procedures and policies in place to ensure that the vehicles they rent from us are properly maintained and meet the highest standards for safety. In fact, while the legislative process is ongoing, our company has voluntarily made the following policy commitments that will remain unchanged until permanent legislation is enacted:

  • We do not rent recalled vehicles until the recall has been remedied.
  • We do not sell recalled vehicles to consumers.
  • We do not wholesale recalled vehicles, except those that are so damaged they are not drivable. In those instances, we disclose the recall to the wholesale buyer.

More information is available here.

I'm a reporter. Can I take a photo of one of your branches to accompany my story?

While we strive to do everything we can to provide assistance to the media, we do not allow photos of our branches or employees to be taken to illustrate stories in which our company is not involved. If you have a photo request for a story that does include us, please contact our Corporate Communications department, and we will handle your request.

How do I secure an interview with one of your local employees for a story?

All media requests — including requests for local interviews — must be handled through our Corporate Communications department, and we ask that members of the media contact us directly instead of first contacting local employees.

Can I have a copy of your annual report?

As a privately held company, Enterprise Holdings does not distribute a public annual report. Learn more about Enterprise Holdings in our corporate fact sheet.

What is Enterprise's position on car rental excise taxes funding unrelated community projects like stadiums, arts centers and highways?

Car rental excise taxes have cost consumers and businesses billions of dollars since 1990. Yet, there is no special benefit for car rental customers, nor is there a direct connection between renting a car and using these public facilities or programs. Such arbitrary taxation is blatantly unfair not only to out-of-towners, but also to local consumers and businesses. It also violates the “benefit principle," which holds that tax burdens should be assigned according to the benefits that taxpayers receive. As a result, federal legislation may be needed to prohibit discriminatory car rental excise taxes – and to protect the rights of consumers and businesses, whether they rent cars out of state or in their own hometown.

Local government authority – including “states' rights" – is a cornerstone of U.S. democracy. And we understand that cash-strapped municipal, county and state governments continue to look hard for revenue sources to fund worthwhile civic projects. However, as municipalities, counties and states carry out their critical role in protecting consumer and citizen rights, it is important that they extend that protection to all constituents, including car rental customers.

Where do you stand on legislation calling for federal oversight of the safety recall process?

We support federal legislation to oversee the way car rental companies manage the safety recall process for vehicles in their fleets. We are committed to work collaboratively with those individuals and organizations who have called for legislative oversight of the recall process.

Why is your organization named Enterprise Holdings?

Our organization is named after the USS Enterprise, the aircraft carrier aboard which our founder, Jack Taylor, served in World War II. Taylor founded the company in 1957, after serving in the military and becoming a highly decorated fighter pilot.

Is Enterprise Holdings a public company?

No. Enterprise Holdings is a privately held company principally owned by the Jack Taylor family of St. Louis.

Are your local offices franchises?

All of our locations in North America are company owned. Elsewhere around the world, we have a mix of corporate and franchise locations.

What is your business makeup?

Enterprise Holdings is the most comprehensive service provider in the industry. A majority of Enterprise Rent-A-Car's business takes place in the home city, where we serve customers who need a replacement vehicle, or need a vehicle for a special occasion such as a weekend getaway or business trip. At the airport, customers can choose Enterprise or one of our other leading retail brands, Alamo Rent A Car and National Car Rental. Other transportation services marketed under the Enterprise brand name include Enterprise CarShare, Enterprise Rideshare, Enterprise Car Sales, Enterprise Truck Rental, Exotic Car Collection by Enterprise, Subscribe with Enterprise and Enterprise Flex-E-Rent.