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In the U.S. – where Enterprise Holdings Inc. was founded in 1957 – the company operates the Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental and Alamo Rent A Car brands through a network of more than 50 independent regional subsidiaries.

These independent subsidiaries not only work with local vendors and small businesses, but also make most key operational decisions at the grassroots level, with a strong entrepreneurial focus as well as a clear sense of local accountability and autonomy. In addition, they hire thousands of college graduates and provide a hands-on experience that teaches their employees how to successfully run a business, including profit-and-loss management, sales and logistics.

This decentralized culture and decision-making enables Enterprise Holdings to stay focused on serving the local needs of each market and neighborhood, while still offering the combined scale and financial strength needed to provide a total transportation solution for the long term.

Economic Impact and Employment

As highlighted in our Founding Values program, this is all part of how Enterprise Holdings strives to strengthen communities and drive economic impact – one neighborhood at a time. We purchase millions of dollars' worth of vehicles locally, generate tax dollars through sales and employment, create meaningful jobs that generate significant income and benefits for employees and their families, and, of course, offer sustainable transportation options.  

In the rest of the world, Enterprise Holdings operates its portfolio of car rental brands though an integrated global network of independent regional subsidiaries and franchise locations throughout 100 countries and territories. This unique network – operating as a confederation of small businesses – helps Enterprise Holdings remain nimble in today’s highly competitive car rental industry and a leader in the international travel industry.