At Enterprise Holdings, we define ethics as understanding, embracing and displaying the highest standards of integrity in the day-to-day conduct of our business. To uphold these values, Enterprise Holdings not only operates its Founding Values Program, but also a Compliance and Ethics Program to set forth processes and policies that ensure compliance with federal laws and state regulations.

Human Rights and Working Conditions

For example, Enterprise Holdings is committed to maintaining and enhancing processes and systems to ensure that forced labor and human trafficking are not taking place in our business or supplier network. In furtherance of that commitment, and as set forth below, we employ an integrated and comprehensive approach to assessing and mitigating these risks.

To read Enterprise Holdings' statement, which details actions taken to understand potential forced labor and human trafficking risks related to our business and that of our subsidiaries and their supplier network, click here.

Supplier Code of Conduct

In addition, Enterprise Holdings selects suppliers and partners who share our values and our commitment to uphold the highest standards of quality, integrity, excellence, safety, legal compliance, and respect for human rights, as well as to respect the customs and culture of the communities we serve.

As a result, our global Supplier Code of Conduct promotes a common understanding of what we expect of our suppliers.