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Enterprise Holdings and its affiliate, Enterprise Fleet Management, always look for new technological advancements in an ongoing effort to improve the overall customer experience.

Industry Leadership

For example, Enterprise LaunchPad® mobile tablets are designed to move our employees away from the counter, freeing them up to conduct the rental process wherever customers need us – in locations ranging from a traditional car rental parking lot to a local dealership, or sometimes to another site altogether.

Our LaunchPad technology helps transform rental transactions into customer interactions not only by streamlining and digitizing key steps in the administrative process, but also by providing real-time access to vehicle locations in our fleet. Moreover, it is a situational awareness tool that addresses society’s growing demands for more seamless and accessible transportation options – and also represents the next evolution in Enterprise’s customer service legacy.

In addition, when natural disasters strike, Enterprise employees may be sent home with mobile tablets, which allows them to be quickly reassigned from their damaged branch offices to other locations. This state-of-the-art mobile technology also makes it easier to manage local demand when customer calls come into damaged branch offices and are forwarded to other operational sites.

Learn more about LaunchPad technology in this business case study

Award-Winning Service

Enterprise Holdings and its affiliate, Enterprise Fleet Management, have a distinguished history of receiving awards and accolades for our customer service excellence and corporate social responsibility efforts as well as our global leadership in the car rental and travel industries. A selection of major honors received in recent years may be accessed here.

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