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“It just doesn’t make sense for one section of this industry to benefit from loopholes and special carve-outs. Enterprise welcomes each and every competitor into the industry because, at the end of the day, we’re all in the business of renting vehicles — whether it’s for an hour, a day, a week or longer.”

Ray Wagner, Senior Vice President of Government and Public Affairs – Enterprise Holdings, November 2019 

Many peer-to-peer (P2P) providers have historically and consistently described themselves in their marketing materials and customer-facing public relations strategies as car rental. As a result, Enterprise Holdings is in agreement with the American Car Rental Association that all consumer transactions, including P2P rentals, should be governed in a fair and consistent way. We also believe in common-sense requirements, such as ensuring vehicle safety, offering transparent pricing, and collecting mandatory state and municipal fees on which local governments and jurisdictions rely.

  • “I question whether rental car taxes should exist, but if they are going to exist, they should be applied equally and in a revenue-neutral fashion.”
    Show-Me Institute: “Is Turo a ‘Motor Vehicle Leasing Company?’”
  • “The goal should be to adopt an open posture for new market entrants, while at the same time requiring that all transportation companies who seek to access airport property and serve travelers are subject to the same transparent rules and fees.”
    R Institute: “R Sheet on Airport Rental Car Access”
  • “A taxation system that is based on the service at issue rather than other factors will help ensure mode neutrality for transportation and an equal playing field in the marketplace.”
    R Institute: “R Sheet on Rental Car Taxes”
  • "Allowing certain businesses to avoid paying taxes is essentially picking winners and losers, which creates a very real threat to maintaining and promoting one of our greatest economic drivers: tourism."
    Arizona Tourism & Lodging Association
  • "Because peer-to-peer operators are facilitating commercial car rental transactions, they must be held to the same consumer protection standards as any other car rental or car-sharing service."
    National Consumers League
  • “This legislation is a common-sense solution for how we define and regulate rental car operations in Pennsylvania. It will bring all types of vehicle rental platforms under the same standards to ensure consumer protection, while still allowing the industry to continue to grow and innovate.”
    Sen. Pat Stefano (R-32), Pennsylvania
  • “My objective in working through this issue was two-fold. To establish clear standards for insurance coverage in these three-party transactions, and to ensure all peer-to-peer platforms that receive the end customer’s money are paying applicable state taxes as the facilitating vendor.”
    Ohio House Majority Leader Bill Seitz (R-30)


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