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At Enterprise Holdings, we integrate Community Relations, Philanthropy and Government Relations to build and strengthen strategic relationships with influential organizations, civic leaders and key public officials. We view these relationships as another way to build our business and our brand. For example, strong relationships with public officials help us advance our public policy positions. We support community causes and initiatives that customers, business partners and employees support, we strengthen those key relationships and grow our business.

Top areas of focus:

  • Relationship Development. Gain access and build rapport with influential community leaders, government officials and other partners who will actively support us on public policy issues.
  • Community Engagement. Demonstrate our value by engaging in relevant social, cultural, and business issues.
  • Partnership. Support initiatives of key partners that result in long-term goodwill and a favorable reputation for Enterprise Holdings.
  • Collaboration. Facilitate collaboration between the field and Enterprise Holdings corporate entities (i.e., Public Affairs and Philanthropy, the Foundation, National Marketing, etc.) to leverage key community relationships.