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“We are seeing more and more questions about sustainability issues and metrics as part of the formal RFP process. That is because major corporate accounts with defined sustainability goals – including Enterprise Holdings – are evaluating and measuring their respective supply chains to a much greater degree than ever before.”

Pam Nicholson, President and Chief Executive Officer – Enterprise Holdings, November 2016 

In 2011, Enterprise Holdings released its first sustainability report developed in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3.1 "Core” Guidelines.

Enterprise provides regular updates on progress against our corporate social responsibility goals and relevant practices and programs on our website.

In addition to referencing GRI’s industry-leading reporting framework, Enterprise is a member of the GRI GOLD Community, which helps shape the future of sustainability and reporting.

FY2017 Corporate Responsibility Update

The fiscal year 2017 Corporate Responsibility Update provides the most current data, including key performance indicators and case studies. This year’s update presents information that references selected Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards 2016. Please see the Referenced GRI Standards Index for details.

As the world’s largest car rental provider, Enterprise Holdings operates more than 10,000 fully staffed neighborhood and airport locations through its independent regional subsidiaries and franchise partners. The rapid global expansion of our business in recent years has altered our reporting cycle as we account for new locations in our data. Our most recent full report details relevant activities and progress in FY2015 with briefer updates for fiscal years 2016 and 2017.

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