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Employee Requests

The employee request grant application link is located on the Enterprise Holdings Foundation space on the company intranet.

Customer Requests

The private Enterprise Holdings Foundation primarily accepts requests for donations from Enterprise Holdings employees. We also partner with our valued customers to support initiatives important to them. Customers wishing to request donations on behalf of qualified nonprofit organizations should contact their Enterprise account representative.

Giving Guidelines

  • Neither the Foundation nor the company (or any of its affiliates) donates vehicles or rentals.
  • The Foundation provides charitable support to worthwhile, nonprofit initiatives that are actively supported by the company's employees, their spouses/same sex domestic partners, and loyal customers in the thousands of local communities where we operate.
  • In order to request a donation for an organization, the requestor must be personally and actively involved in the charity.
  • The Foundation provides grants to qualified tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public charities in the United States, registered charities in Canada, registered and exempt charities in the United Kingdom, and charities on the DZI list in Germany. 
  • The Foundation supports relief projects or causes the company deems important as they arise, such as natural disasters that affect our customers and employees.
  • The Foundation considers the support of schools, religious organizations, and sports teams a personal responsibility, and therefore discourages requests for Foundation support of these types of organizations.
  • In an effort to support as many worthwhile causes as possible, the Foundation will consider only one request per year, per charity.
  • The average amount for a first-time request is usually up to $1,500 (USD).
  • The average grant amount is $2,500 to $5,000 (USD).
  • Our company‚Äôs operating groups are prohibited from receiving benefits from organizations that receive a contribution from the Foundation. Benefits include tickets to events, dinner invitations and advertising. Recognition for support on signage and in programs should go to the Foundation, not the operating group.
  • Please do not send annual reports, videos, DVDs or CDs.

Proposal Deadlines

The Enterprise Holdings Foundation Board meets three times each year to consider requests. Board meetings take place in Winter (Jan. or Feb.), during the Spring Officers Meeting (April or May), and at the Fall Officers Meeting (Oct.). Important upcoming dates include:

Meeting Cycle Submission Deadline
Fall August 1
Winter November 1
Spring February 1

Requests must be submitted to the Foundation by midnight CST of the deadline date. Deadlines are strictly enforced. Within three to four weeks after the meeting, requestors are notified in writing about whether or not their request has been granted.