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The private Enterprise Holdings Foundation primarily accepts requests for donations from employees of Enterprise Holdings and its network of independent regional subsidiaries, as well as its affiliate Enterprise Fleet Management. The grant-application link for employees is located on the Enterprise Holdings Foundation space on the company intranet.

We also support initiatives that are important to our local partners. Anyone wishing to request donations on behalf of qualified nonprofit organizations should contact a local Enterprise account representative.

Giving Guidelines

  • As a responsible corporate citizen, Enterprise Holdings, its network of regional subsidiaries and its charitable arm, the Enterprise Holdings Foundation, make charitable contributions to approved charitable organizations (as outlined below). However, charitable donations cannot be used as a pretense to funnel bribes to government officials or partners. For this reason, charitable contributions from Enterprise Holdings’ network of regional subsidiaries (e.g. facilities, supplies, or materials) must be approved by a Group General Manager or Senior Vice President.
  • Enterprise regional subsidiaries are prohibited from receiving benefits from organizations that receive a contribution from the Foundation. Benefits which regional subsidiaries may not receive include tickets to events, dinner invitations, and advertising. If a regional subsidiary would like to have the company logo used for an event, the regional subsidiary would need to make a separate donation out of the subsidiary’s funds.
  • The Enterprise Holdings Foundation was founded to enable employees to give back to their local communities. Because of this mission, the Foundation generally accepts requests for donations only from employees. In an effort to support as many worthwhile causes as possible, the Foundation will consider only one personal request per employee and one from their spouse/legal domestic partner per year. Employees and their spouse/legal domestic partner must be actively involved with the charity for which they are seeking support. An application must be completed for consideration.
  • The Foundation provides grants only to qualified tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations in the United States that are Publication 78 verified in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – with either a 509(a)(1) or 509(a)(2) subset. Note, the Foundation cannot make donations to 501(c)(3) organizations with a 509(a)(3) supporting organization subset. The Foundation can support PUBLIC charities only, no private organizations. For requests from the United Kingdom and Canada, organizations must have a registered charity number and be in good standing with their government source. In Germany, organizations need to be on the DZI listing or have documentation for Appendix to Accreditation or Notice of Exemption. In France and Spain, organizations must have a tax eligibility certificate.
  • Individual support of walks, rides, runs, etc. is capped at $1,000 (USD).
  • The Foundation considers the support of schools (other than higher education); athletic teams; and churches, synagogues or other houses of worship a personal responsibility, and therefore discourages requests for Foundation support of these types of organizations.

    In addition, the Foundation does not consider support for individuals; employee-created charities; man-made disasters; terrorist organizations or groups that condone acts of violence; political and labor organizations; school organizations including clubs, parent teacher groups, social fraternities and sororities, and alumni associations; non-charitable or private organizations (according to IRS Codes); tuition; fees; memberships; memorial donations; virtual events; dues; tickets; subscriptions; telethons; or beauty pageants.

    The Foundation does not support multi-year grants; nor does it fund an organization’s ongoing operating expenses, salary costs, or budget deficits.
  • Recognition for grants awarded by the Foundation on signage and in programs should go to the Enterprise Holdings Foundation, not the regional subsidiary and should be done in regular typeface. No logo is to be used. Press releases, social media messages, and images must be approved by the Foundation in advance of being published.
  • Neither the Foundation nor the company donates vehicles or rentals.

Proposal Deadlines

The Enterprise Holdings Foundation Board meets twice a year to consider requests. Board meetings take place during the Spring Officers Meeting (April or May) and Fall Officers Meeting (October or November). Important upcoming dates include:

Meeting Cycle Submission Deadline
Fall Aug. 1
Spring Feb. 1

Requests must be submitted to the Foundation by midnight CST of the deadline date. Deadlines are strictly enforced. Within three to four weeks after the meeting, requestors are notified in writing about whether or not their request has been granted.