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Over the years Enterprise Holdings has formalized its founding values into a set of guiding principles – a cultural compass – that helps ensure our success. These key areas not only define a strategic planning-and-goal-setting tool, but also provide a strategic platform for corporate responsibility efforts.

From our executive suite to our branch locations, we know that healthy and prosperous communities are the lifeblood of our business. That’s why Enterprise Holdings is committed to promoting long-term community growth and prosperity, through economic impact and employment, local foundation grants, global philanthropic initiatives, corporate sustainability, and, of course, sustainable transportation options.

Enterprise Holdings’ affiliate – Enterprise Fleet Management – likewise takes a sustainable approach to business, while partnering with companies, agencies and organizations to help them meet their respective supply-chain and corporate responsibility goals.

Responsible Leadership

Today, the Enterprise Holdings Foundation operates under the leadership of its President, Jo Ann Taylor Kindle; Senior Vice President and Executive Director of the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation, Carolyn Kindle Betz; and a Board of Directors comprised of representatives from the Taylor family and members of the organization's senior management.

Enterprise Holdings Inc.’s Corporate Responsibility Governance Council also is charged with helping to set long-term goals and year-to-year priorities reflective of issues most material to our global business. This cross-functional governing body includes department heads and subject-matter experts who collectively assess the impact of our operations and identify ways to reduce costs and waste, while leaving a positive imprint on the communities we serve.

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets provide the latest information on Enterprise Holdings and its affiliate Enterprise Fleet Management, as well as its car rental brands and business divisions.

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