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Financial Information

The Value of Intentional Growth

Putting people first has been a proven business strategy for Enterprise Holdings. It’s also the right thing to do.

By focusing our attention on what truly matters, we’ve honed our disciplined, long-term strategy which has enabled us to build the business on our own terms. We focus on what truly matters to our business and deliver tangible results to everyone we work with—including our customers and employees.

Fueling Perpetual Progress

Since 1957, our founders/owners have reinvested a significant portion of the organization’s cumulative earnings right back into our privately-held business. This unique and ongoing Taylor family legacy enables us to invest in new and emerging technologies, markets, ideas and services. And that makes us better able to navigate and adapt to market challenges and opportunities as they arise for long-term success. 


A Global Leader in Mobility

The total annual revenue of Enterprise Holdings and Enterprise Fleet Management rank near the top of the global travel industry. 

The Value of Longevity

We understand the value of longevity. With only four CEOs in our company’s history, our ongoing stability teaches us time and again that the best path to profit is to put people first. Our vast and intricately connected network of independent regional subsidiaries keep us agile and amenable to deliver unparalleled experiences for our customers wherever they find themselves. 


Financial Information Access

As Enterprise Holdings and its affiliates are privately-owned, we do not make detailed financial information publicly available. 

Financial Information Portal

For those authorized investors or partners with existing access, please visit our information portal. 

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Please fill out this form if you are a bank, qualified institutional buyer (QIB) or potential partner with the need for access.

Enterprise Holdings Financial Ratings

  Long-Term Rating Short-Term Rating
Standard & Poor's A- A-1
Moody's Baa1 P-2
DBRS A R-1 (low)

Fiscal Year-End Press Releases

Explore notable developments and announcements regarding our financial performance to see how our investments are driving Enterprise Holdings forward.


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Fact Sheets

Our annual fiscal-year report includes global revenue ($30B), employees (80K+), branches (10K+), fleet size (2.1M+) and much more.