Commitment to Customer Service

Complete customer satisfaction. That is the principle that has guided our company along our journey so far, and it remains our goal today. From the beginning, we have focused on providing customers with a level of service that keeps them coming back to our flagship Enterprise Rent-A-Car brand as well as to our National Car Rental and Alamo Rent A Car brands.

To maintain that focus, we hire smart, motivated men and women into our Management Training Program. We train them thoroughly. And, from the day they become front-line employees, we tie their career advancement directly to their success in completely satisfying customers.

"Top Box"

We also conduct telephone surveys of hundreds of thousands of our customers every month. Each location earns a ranking based on the percentage of its customers who say they were completely satisfied with their last rental experience. That ranking is the standard of customer service excellence we set for ourselves. We call it “top box." Scores for local operations are compared with the corporate average and play a major role in decisions about our employees' rewards and advancement.

This simple but effective “manage-what-you-measure" approach, combined with our ability to continually develop new and better ways to meet customer needs, has made our name synonymous with superior customer service.

Total Transportation Solution

Enterprise’s global network offers a total transportation solution that extends beyond typical day-to-day car rental operations. For example, we play a unique role in providing local transportation alternatives when tornadoes, wildfires, floods and other natural disasters strike. Because Enterprise Holdings operates more than 6,100 neighborhood and airport branch offices throughout the United States, we are prepared and staffed to respond quickly and seamlessly, to move vehicles around the country and into affected areas, and to support insurance companies, utility companies and government agencies so they can get the recovery and restoration process under way as quickly as possible.

In addition, Enterprise has streamlined the rental process between insurance companies, auto repair shops and our branch offices, saving thousands in operational energy and paperwork. In 1994, we created the Automated Rental Management System (ARMS®) to help our insurance company partners simplify the cumbersome process of managing replacement rental cars for their policyholders.

Once a claim is filed and a rental reservation is created through ARMS, the system automatically transmits the information to the local Enterprise branch. From there, insurance adjusters can quickly and easily monitor the repair status of a customer’s vehicle, which often leads to a shorter rental and the elimination of unnecessary additional rental costs. 

It may seem counterintuitive for a rental car company to create a system that leads to fewer rental days. However, by putting policyholders back into their own cars faster, we serve our insurance customers better and strengthen our reputation as a reliable partner to the insurance industry. In 2007, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent and trademark for ARMS, reflecting Enterprise’s significant investment in resources, initiative and intellectual capital. To date, Enterprise has invested about $50 million in the development of ARMS, and we continue to invest each year to upgrade and enhance the system to ensure that it evolves with the needs of our customers and partners.

Safety Recalls

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Act requires auto manufacturers to send a notice of any safety recall to vehicle owners. When we receive such a safety recall notice and the corresponding Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs), it is Enterprise Holdings’ policy to not rent such vehicles until the manufacturer’s specified remedy or authorized interim repair has been implemented. More information is available here.

Safe Harbor

The privacy and security of all customer and employee information remains very important, and Enterprise Holdings continues to maintain its systems and operational processes in accordance with our privacy policies. More information on Safe Harbor is available here in English, Deutsche, Español and Français.

Consumer Advocacy

Enterprise Holdings continues to speak up for consumers on issues that affect them and the car rental and travel industries. For instance, we are working with the National Consumers League to fight discriminatory excise taxes that unfairly target airport and local car rental customers – including car-sharing customers – to fund unrelated programs and projects.

In fact, the U.S. Travel Association has recognized Executive Chairman Andrew C. Taylor for his longtime leadership role on this important public policy initiative and his ongoing efforts on behalf of all car rental customers, regardless of whether they rent for an hour, a day, a week or longer.

For more information about car rental excise taxes, visit